Tuesday, August 27, 2013

VMworld 2013 Hands On Labs!

Here’s a little preview of one of our two OneCloud datacenters that is running VMworld 2013 Hands On Labs. We’re using Hyperic, vC Ops and VMware Log Insight to make sure that you guys have the best labs possible! Enjoy!

Check out these awesome custom vC Ops Dashboards!

vC Ops

This one displays vCD information such as the current VM Consoles that each cell server is serving to clients. Most of these metrics are gathered via a custom Hyperic vCD Plugin that we built (to be posted later).

vC Ops 2

Simple but effective Lab and VM deployment stats and trending.

SQL Deployments

Shout out to my co-worker Jacob Ross who was my teammate in designing and building the monitoring for VMworld 2013 HOL. Hope you all enjoy the show!

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