Thursday, March 24, 2011

Problem with MacBook Pro and Seagate Momentus XT Hybrid Drive

I just tried to drop a mac image onto a brand new Seagate Momentus XT hybrid drive using a process that has worked on other drives hundreds of times. This time however I ran into issues. After using the Restore feature and rebooting I got the dreaded blinking folder with a question mark. I tried 2 different MBP's as well as 2 different drives, same issue. Tried scanning and repairing the drive to no avail. Finally I dropped in the original Mac OS X DVD and tried to load it manually. When I did that I ran into a nice little error of "Mac OS X Cannot Start Up From This Disk". No additional information, gee thanks. Doing a bit of googling I ran across an article from Apple saying that this error is caused by a partitioning problem. The drive check reported that it was a-ok but at this point I was willing to give it a shot. So, I went back into the mac tools, deleted all partitions on the Seagate drive and created 1 new partition at 495GB. Then I attempted the restore to that partition I had manually created and it worked. I don't know what it is about these drives but it was the same issue for both and I have never seen that issue on other drives. After that however it seems to be working great.

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