Monday, April 13, 2009

Backing up a MAC Server automatically

Scenario: You run a Windows environment and all of the sudden have a couple Apple XServes that get added and then need backed up.

You are the responder: I will be backing this XServe up to a Windows File Server where the files will then be picked up to go to tape.
Step 1: Create the appropriate file share on the Windows box and and assign the proper permissions to it. Give it a unique AD Service Account since the password is stored in plain text in the backup scripts.
Step 2: Create a folder on the Apple that will be the mount point for your smbfs to the Windows File Server
Step 3: Create a batch file on the Apple that looks like this:

cd /Volume/FoldertoBackup
/sbin/mount_smbfs //ADuserName:ADPassword@WinFileServer/ShareToSaveFilesTo /MyAppleMountPoint
tar -cf backup-servername-`date '+%d-%B-%Y`.tar /Volume/FoldertoBackup
cp backup-servername-`date ' +%f-%B-%Y`.tar /MyAppleMountPoint
umount /MyAppleMountPoint

Step 4: Test the script and see if it works when launched manually. If you cut and paste it from here you will need to use dos2unix to fix the hidden EOL characters since they are different from standard unix EOL.

Step 5: Automate with Crontab
a. 00 04 * * 02 /var/backups/
This will execute the file every Tuesday at 4am.

Step 6: You're done... sort of... Now you need to create a script to clean up the backup files after X amount of days on the Apple so you don't lose too much disk space. You can also edit the tar command to do differential backups if you so choose...

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